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Here at Paterson Bird Store we carry all kinds of different sizes of cages for your feathered friends. From Travel Cages to spacious Flight Cages, we have different styles for every type of bird. Be sure to check below all the different cages we supply. If interested in other styles make sure to call us to see if we can order that specific one for you.


Small Bird Cages:

Looking for a perfect size cage for your small birds, check out this section for the sizing, styles and what cages we carry for those small feathered friends. *Small species of birds include: Budgies, Bourkes, Cockatiels, Finches, Canaries, Lovebirds & Parrotlets*

Medium Bird Cages:

Looking for a spacious cage for your medium sized feathered friends, check out this page for the different sizes & styles we have for medium birds. *Medium Sized Birds include: Conures (Green Cheeks, Sun Conures, etc), Senegals, Red-Bellied Parrots, Hahn's Macaws, & Caiques*


Large / Extra-Large Bird Cages:

Looking for a large cage to have your larger birds the perfect space they need to thrive, check out this section to see all the different sizes & styles for the perfect home for your feathered friend. *Large/Extra-Large Sized Birds include: African Grey, Amazons, Pinous', Eclectus', Cape Parrots, Macaws (Blue & Golds, Scarlets, Green-Wings, etc) & Cockatoos* 

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