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Large Bird Cages

Check out below for cages perfect for African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Cockatoos & Macaws. All cages are available in store and cannot be delivered, please stop in to see the cages and other styles we carry in our display room. For more information such as pricing or to see what we have in stock please call us.


SLT4 2620

This 26x20 cage is the smallest cage that can house birds such as Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus and other birds of that size. *This cage comes in either Black Silver, White, Sandstone or Coppertone*


SLT4 2622

This cage is the next set up from the 26x20 cage on the left. With additionally space for large birds this cage is perfect for Large Birds. *This cage comes in either Black Silver, White, Sandstone, Grey Silver & Coppertone*

989cfc7a-8033-42b0-ad79-9bf70f972382-Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 4.25.51 PM.png

SLP 3426

This 34x26 cage is the smallest that is recommended for birds such as cockatoos and macaws that even provides a top play area for birds to hang out. *This cage comes in either Black Silver, White, Sandstone, Grey Silver & Coppertone*


SLT 3628

This 36x28 cage is spacious that allows Large & Extra Large birds to explore and thrive in. Openings on the top and front allow birds to be outside. *This cage comes in Black Silver, White, Sandstone, Coppertone & Grey Silver*


SLP 4030

This 40x30 cage is the best cage for Cockatoos & Macaws allowing them to expand their wings. This cage also includes a play top with bowls and a toy hook for outdoor fun! *This cage comes in White, Sandstone, Black Silver, Grey Silver and Coppertone*


SLT 4032 

This 40x32 cage is the largest cage that we carry! This is a mansion for large birds that provides them with the space they require. *This cage comes in White, Black Silver, Coppertone, Sandstone & Grey Silver*

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