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Birds for Rehoming

Here at Paterson Bird Store we are always doing our best to help customers and their feathered friends. With many birds living for over 30+ years, they can end up outliving their owners or where their owners cannot provide the care they need anymore. Rehoming a bird can be a challenge as some birds prefer a certain person opposed to anyone. We do offer rehoming services to customers that are no longer able to care for their birds as we will do our best to find the best home possible for their bird. If needing to find a new home for your bird please contact us!

Below are some of our birds needing new homes and some information on them! If interested in any of our birds please call us at 973-785-0096



Senegal Parrot

Meet Holly a beautiful 4 year old Senegal Parrot in need of a new home! Holly is an intelligent and very sassy girl that loves having her head scratched. This sweet girl can sometimes be a bit stubborn but once she gets to know you, she melts right into your heart. Holly would do best in a home with only women as she does not like men causing her to lash out. 

Regent Parrot

(Rock Pebbler Parakeet)

Meet this sweet baby Regent Parrot! This gorgeous girl is a rare sight to see as these birds are not common. This species of parakeet do not do well with other birds but thrive in a flight cage along with a well balanced diet. Her diet consists of fresh veggies, fruits, pellets and a small mix of seed. This sweet girl does not mind being held and loves to be on shoulders. 



Catalina Macaw

Cross a Blue & Gold Macaw with a Scarlet Macaw and you get Nicki a beautiful and outgoing Catalina Macaw! Nicki is only 9 months old and is currently looking for the perfect home that can provide the necessary care & enrichment he/she requires. Nicki is also currently awaiting DNA results that should be at the store within a month. Nicki is a little shy at first but loves to have their head rubbed. Nicki is also learning how to speak as of right now he says "Hi"