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Birds being Rehomed

Here at Paterson Bird Store we are always doing our best to help customers and their feathered friends. With many birds living for over 30+ years, they can end up outliving their owners or where their owners cannot provide the care they need anymore. Rehoming a bird can be a challenge as some birds prefer a certain person opposed to anyone. We do offer rehoming services to customers that are no longer able to care for their birds as we will do our best to find the best home possible for their bird. If needing to find a new home for your bird please contact us!

Below are some of our birds needing new homes and some information on them! If interested in any of our birds please call us at 973-785-0096 and stop in to meet these tweethearts and see if any of them fit into your lifestyle!

Harley - Blue and Gold Macaw
Age: 8 years old

DNA: Male

Meet Harley a stunning 8 year old male Blue and Gold Macaw! Harley is a very outgoing and talkative boy who dances away to music and loves to talk with everyone. Some of Harley's favorite words and phrases he says are:

"Wanna cracker?" "Hi Harley!" "Good Boy Harley" 

Harley is extremely intelligent as he already knows how to unlock his cage locks and doors but stays out of trouble once he escapes. 

Harley is looking for his 5th home due to him not being a fan of pets, cuddles or being touched. Harley will gladly step up onto your arm but DOES NOT like when people touch his body which results in him biting. Because of this we are only taking SERIOUS INQUIRES on Harley! 

Harley and PBS staff would prefer that his new home allows him to just hang out on his cage or a tree stand where his personality shines the most. 

For more information on Harley, please stop in to meet him!

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