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Birds being Rehomed

Here at Paterson Bird Store we are always doing our best to help customers and their feathered friends. With many birds living for over 30+ years, they can end up outliving their owners or where their owners cannot provide the care they need anymore. Rehoming a bird can be a challenge as some birds prefer a certain person opposed to anyone. We do offer rehoming services to customers that are no longer able to care for their birds as we will do our best to find the best home possible for their bird. If needing to find a new home for your bird please contact us!

Below are some of our birds needing new homes and some information on them! If interested in any of our birds please call us at 973-785-0096 and stop in to meet these tweethearts and see if any of them fit into your lifestyle!


Hahn's Macaw
DNA: Male

Meet Kazoo! This beautiful 7 year old Hahn's Macaw is on a search to find a new home! Kazoo who is just a tad bigger than a sun conure is the smallest macaws. Hahn's Macaws are just as lively and loud as their larger relatives just packed into a smaller body. Kazoo here is very vocal and loves to yell like a Sun Conure which makes his search for a new home special. Kazoo needs a home where they don't mind his noise and where they can provide the love and care they need. Kazoo also adores chop which is a blend of vegetables that are minced to a small size but also eats PBS Medium and Zupreem Medium.  The other thing about Kazoo is that children are a NO in his book. 

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