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Birds being Rehomed

Here at Paterson Bird Store we are always doing our best to help customers and their feathered friends. With many birds living for over 30+ years, they can end up outliving their owners or where their owners cannot provide the care they need anymore. Rehoming a bird can be a challenge as some birds prefer a certain person opposed to anyone. We do offer rehoming services to customers that are no longer able to care for their birds as we will do our best to find the best home possible for their bird. If needing to find a new home for your bird please contact us!

Below are some of our birds needing new homes and some information on them! If interested in any of our birds please call us at 973-785-0096 and stop in to meet these tweethearts and see if any of them fit into your lifestyle!

Delta - Congo African Grey

Meet Delta a stunning 9 month old Congo African Grey looking for their new home! Delta is an extremely cuddly, sweet and curious bird who always wants attention. Being only a few months old, Delta uses his beak as a way of interacting and communicating. Delta likes to nibble on fingers but with proper guidance and training that is able to be corrected. Additionally, Delta is a little plucked from his previous home but those feathers are already starting to come in! 

  • African Grey's are one of the most intelligent birds in the world, needing lots of attention and socialization keeps these birds happy and content!


Harley - Blue and Gold Macaw

Meet Harley a stunning 8 year old Male Blue and Gold Macaw! Harley is a very loud but sweet macaw that ADORES women! 100% a lady's bird, Harley loves to dance and show off to the ladies. Harley doesn't mind men but is much more comfortable with women and would be best in a home where the primary owner is a women. Additionally, Harley is a shoulder bird and loves to sit on shoulders for hours. Being a large Macaw, Harley loves to eat all sorts of different things such as our store blend, pellets, nutriberries and different shelled nuts. Stop in to meet Harley and see if he fits into your flock! 

Jax & Lucas
(Gold Capped Conure & Sun Conure)

Meet Jax a 5 year old male Gold Capped Conure and Lucas a 4 year old male Sun Conure! Jax & Lucas are both beautiful and active boys looking for their forever home together as they are bonded and cannot and will not be separated. Being that both boys are a louder species of conure we are looking for a home that will not mind their constant yelling as they can be extremely loud.

- Jax (Gold Capped Conure) who is the one on the left is extremely picky on who he likes, so far he is only handled by one person at our store. Jax is also protective of Lucas and will put himself between someone and Lucas. 

- Lucas (Sun Conure) who is on the right is most of the time very friendly and loves to hang out on shoulders! Lucas will also fly to wherever Jax is as they do follow each other around all the time. 

We are only taking serious inquires on the boys as they are bonded to each other and become depressed when not near one another. We also recommend to stop in when our staff member, Arianna is in as she is the only one who is able to handle Jax as he shows his true personality around her. Please call us for more information! 

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