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Since: 1907


Paterson Bird Store is a family owned and operated establishment that has been in business for over 110 years. The business was started as a bird and fish supply store in downtown Paterson in 1907. It eventually evolved into an all bird supply store; catering to the pet bird enthusiasts and hobbyists. In the late 1970's, PBS moved to its current location in Totowa, NJ. In 1984, the establishment was purchased by, the late, Dino Jasper and his wife, Claire. The store has since been owned and operated by the Jasper family and is now run by their son, Phil Jasper.

Baby Timneh grey just arrived! Sweet, go
Lilac Crown Amazons just in! #lilaccrown
Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.23.06 PM

Our Mission

Paterson Bird Store strives on providing a one of a kind experience ensuring that you leave the store feeling like you are part of the family. Our dedication to supporting small breeders and local hobbyists stems from our love for these magnificent creatures, as well as our ability to provide babies, which come from loving and healthy homes. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of birds and our ability to aid you with any problems or questions you may have. We aim to give you the best experience in which we can provide going out of our way to make you feel at home.

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