Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to make a Birdy Profile?

We require a Birdy Profile to be made for grooming appointments, boarding reservations, and online shopping. Due to the restrictions of covid we can no longer allow walk-ins. So by creating a Birdy Profile you can make you appointment quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.

How do I make an grooming appointment or boarding reservation?

Making an appoinment is easy. Click on the Birdy Profile tab to be brought to our appointment page. If you have not yet made a profile click the "Are you a new customer?" tab to begin making your profile. Fill out the forms and also create a profile for each of your birds. Once you completed the forms you can begin making your appointments under "Request Services" highlighted in blue. You then selection either boarding reservation or grooming appointment. For grooming appointments you will be givin the option of choosing which size bird you have which corolates to the amount of time the clipping takes and price points. If you are unsure of the size of your bird, a chart at the top of each section will let you know which birds fit under that size. Once you select a date to bring your bird in red and green boxes will appear with different times. Red boxes indicate time slots that are already booked where as green boxes indicate available times. Each bird must have their own appointment due to the amount of time required for clipping.

Why is it saying to sign a boarding agreement if I am not boarding my bird?

The boarding agreement is only required to be signed if you are boarding your bird with us. If you are only looking to make a grooming appointment you can ignore this section and continue on.

Do I need to make a grooming appointment for each of my birds?

YES! Each bird you are bringing to get clipped requires its own appointment. This is to ensure that we are allotted enough time to groom each of your birds. Our goal is to prevent overlapping appointments in order to avoid a long wait time for you or your bird. We also want to ensure that we are able to give or full attention to your bird inorder to reduce stress.

Do I need to make a grooming appointment for my birds?

YES! We require each bird to have an appointment due the restrictions caused by covid. The size of our store does not allow us to accomidate more than five customers at a time. To reduce the wait time an appointment is required. We are unable to accomidate walk-in grooming appointments due reduced number of staff able to clip birds at any given time.

When making my Birdy Profile, why does it ask for my credit card information?

We have added the crdit card section to allow for seed shipping orders as well as customers who wish to pay for their appointments before hand to have a secure spot to leave their information with us. This feild in not required if you do not wish to leave your card information with us.

What information is needed when making my Birdy Profile?

All information that is needed when filling out your birdy profile is indicated on the form. These feilds include first and last name, phone number, email address, and password. All other fields are optional to fill out.

Will other customers be able to see my Profile?

NO. Your profile is totally confidential and can only be seen by the staff at the Paterson Bird Store. We do not share your information with any one outside of the store.

Can I place orders online?

YES. In order to purchase items online you must create a Birdy Profile to access our online retail shop. You would then click "My Account" at the top of the page once you create your profile. Next you would click "Purchase Packages & Retail" in the dropdown menu. Finally you will select the retail tab which shows of of our available items listed. * Currently only our seed mixes and birdy treats are available to be purchased online"

How far in advance should I make my boarding reservations and Grooming appointments.

Make your reservations and appointments as soon as you can! Due to limited time constraints, we are only allowed to have so many appointments in one day. To ensure that you get the day and time you need make the appointment as soon as you can. Once the time slots for that day fill up, we are unable to accomidate anymore birds.

Can I come into the store?

YES. We welcome customers to walk in any time the store is open and shop around. Due to COVID we can only have 5 people in the store at a time. This may cause a short wait and also does not allow us to have families larger than 3 people come into the store at the same time. * If you are trying to get your bird groomed we require an appointment be made in advanced.*

Why does my bird need to be in a carrier to come into the store?

We require all birds to be in carriers for the saftey of our staff as well as your bird. We understand that most birds who come into the store are well behaved, but place them in an unfamilar an enviornment and they will get spooked. We are trying to avoid birds flying and injuring themselves. Bringing a bird in a carrier also makes it safer for your bird when it is time to get groomed as they can run around the store and potentially get hurt.

When should I arrive for my grooming appointment?

We ask that you arrive with your bird at least 5 minutes before your appointment time. Most days we are completely booked with grooming appointments and are running on a very tight schedule. We strive to limit the wait time for you and your bird so being punctual is extremly important!

Is it okay to have air fresheners or candles around my bird?

Febreze, plug-in air fresheners, floor varnish, paints, some scented candles, and aerosol spray products contain vapors that can cause harm or even death to a bird. When cleaning, dilute properly and ventilate the area or remove the bird from the room until finishes. Secondhand smoke from tobacco and marijuana products can cause eye and lung irritation and more serious infections in birds.

What type of food should I give my birds?

It is important to feed your birds a well balanced diet to avoid the chances or potential health ailments which occur due to a poor diet. For larger birds it is important to feed a diet consisting of fruits and nuts with very little seed as seeds are extremely fatty and result in many health complications. For smaller birds a seed based diet is recommended but should contain a variety of different seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid feeding your birds any seed mixes which contain preservative or pesticides as this can cause many adverse health issues. Offer your birds fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your bird happy and health always remembering to take the food out after an hour or two.

What type of environment should I keep my bird in?

Birds can succumb to drafts very quickly and fluctuations in temperatures can be detrimental to a birds health. Room temperature should remain between 68- 72 degrees. Birds also require at least 10 hours of dark and undisturbed sleep each night. You may wish to cover birds lightly to ensure proper rest.

What household products may harm my bird?

Teflon and other non-stick cookware, glue guns, space heaters, pine scented items, self-cleaning ovens, waffle makers, indoor grills, etc are all potential hazards. The substance released when heated and my result in death very quickly.

What foods should I avoid?

Avocado is toxic and can kill birds quickly. Other unsafe foods include onion, garlic, chocolate, caffeine, salt, sugar alcohol, uncooked beans, uncooked pasta, uncooked rice, iceberg lettuce, and pits from fruits such as apples, pears, etc. which contain toxins.

How should I clean my birds cage?

Cage bottoms can be lined with plain newspaper or butcher paper which should be changed daily to avoid contamination from droppings and foods. Cages should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed once a week. Toys should be washed removing debris and left to air dry. Hot water and antibacterial soap are sufficient. Thoroughly rinse for birds's safety. Removing birds from cages during deep cleaning is advised and clean water and food cups daily.

Is it necessary to give my bird toys?

Birds require a variety of toys to keep their minds stimulated and active. Toys should be monitored for frayed ropes, damaged or broken chains, or chains and strings that become too long. Birds can be come entangled and this may pose a potential life-threatening situations, especially when birds are left alone. Toys that are contaminated with bird droppings should be discarded and replaced. Offer your bird wooden toys to encourage chewing and foraging type toys for natural mental stimulation and boredom prevention.

Why is grooming important?

Birds need to have their nails trimmed to avoid becoming entangled in toys or fabrics. Clipping birds' wings will avoid escape, injury or even death. It will also keep birds more tame and easier to handle. Clipping should be scheduled every two to three months, or when birds' nails and wings become overgrown. Occasionally their beaks need o be trimmed back to avoid overgrowth which can result in their inability to eat.

How can I tell if my bird is sick?

Birds are masters at hiding signs of illness and often don't show that they are sick until they are too weak to conceal it. Some signs to look out for include loose or unusual droppings, sleeping too much, discharge from nose, eyes, or vent, tail bobbing, puffed feathers, reduced appetite, painting or open-mouth breathing, weight loss, sitting at the bottom of the cage, and reduced vocalization or talking. If you think your bird may be sick contact your local avian vet.

Is it okay for me to feed my birds only sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seed, safflower seed, and peanuts should never be feed as a birds sole diet. These seeds are extremely high in fats and completely devoid of essential nutrients. Feeding birds of a diet of only these seeds will result in health complications which can result in death.

Is a dowel perch the only perch needed in my birds cage?

Birds should be offered a variety of natural perches in their cage to ensure proper exercise of their feet. When dowel perches are the only perches available it can lead to early arthritis. Birds should be able to stretch their feet around different sized perches in order to maintain proper foot health.