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Monday-Saturday: 9:30am to 8:00pm
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Our Feathered Friends

With one of the largest selection of birds in New Jersey, Paterson Bird Store offers a variety of birds to match your personality and needs. From melodious canaries to sweet lovebirds and majestic macaws, you will be sure to find a bird at our store. Our hand-fed babies are socialized while in our care. You will find that our birds are spoiled with love and affection. Our staff knows that a healthy bird is a happy bird!

Male Canaries - American Singer, Yellow, Red factor, Variegated

Female Canaries - American Singer, Red factor, Variegated

Finches - Zebra, Purple Breasted Gouldian, White Breasted Gouldian, Yellow Gouldian, Dilute Gouldian, Normal Society, European Society, Silverbills, Java Rice Finch, Owl Finches, Bronze winged mannekins

Cockatiels - (assorted colors) - New babies coming in all the time!

Parakeets - (assorted colors) - New babies just came in!

Lovebirds- (assorted colors) - New babies coming all the time!

Parrotlets-yellow, green, blue

Useful articles & advice

Information Regarding the sale/ownership of monk (Quaker) parrots, Indian Ring-Necked Parrots, etc can be found at the following link: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pdf/pet-dealer_info.pdf

New Babies have arrived! Click here to visit our Nursery.

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