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  • Rejuvenate bird skin and feathers
  • Preening oils relieve dry, itchy skin
  • Spray directly on the preening gland to encourage natural bird preening behaviors
  • Safe for daily use


Beautify your bird's plumage with this all-natural Bird Bath Spray while encouraging healthy bird preening. This bird bath spray contains Aloe Vera and Purcellin Oil, a natural preening gland oil that birds make to condition feathers. 


This bird bath spray with preening oils will leave your bird with softer feathers and healthier skin. This amazing formula is fortified with Vitamins A, D, and E for skin health and Purcellin Bird Preening Oil. It helps cleanse the oil sac, moisturize the skin, and tighten feathers.

It contains no alcohol, detergents, or harmful chemicals. Excellent for feather plucking birds, this bird bath spray helps relieve dry, itchy skin, removes dead skin cells, and supports bird molting. For daily use. Made in the USA.

NatraPet Bath Spray

PriceFrom $9.98
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