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Bird Seed & Pellets

Paterson Bird Store Carries a wide array of premium bird seeds and pellets. We work closely with brands such as GoldenFeast, Zupreme, ABBA, Prestige, Prettybird, and Harrison Products. Our seed is pesticide and preservative free and we focus on helping you pick the healthiest and best blends for your birds.

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Our treat selection consists of products from Lafeber, Vitakraft, Vitapol, and many more. We have a wide variety of healthy treat options including dried fruit and vegetable mixes, nut blends, Honey Nuggets. Our goal is to provide healthy treat options to ensure your pet is healthy and happy for many years to come.

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Providing toys for birds is an essential way to ensure that your bird stays healthy. Toys provide mental stimulation for your birds and keep them entertained while they are in their cages. They also encourage the bird to be more active and move around to prevent obesity. We carry products from companies such as Kings Cages, Super Bird Creations, Pet Terrific, Perky Parrot Toys, Zoom-Max, Planet Pleasures JW, and much more.

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Perches & Play Stands

Perches play an important role as a preventative for arthritis. Having a lot of perches of different sizes and styles of perches in cages provide ample opportunity for birds to exercise their feet. We also carry concrete perches which help o file down sharp nails as well as comfy perches which are soft and easy on birds feet. Our stands provide the perfect place for your birds to spend time on while they are out of the cage making sure they stay out of trouble.

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Cages & Carriers

Our wide selection of cages and carries provide for birds of any size. We carry Kings Cages which are high quality and the perfect home for your feathered friends. These cages are built to last and you won't be disappointed with your choice of cage. Our carriers come is all sorts of sizes and are essential for transporting your bird for clippings or trips.

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