Consignment Birds


Meet Romeo! He is a 1-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw looking for his forever home. Romeo seems to prefer men over women, but he is still sweet none the less. You can catch Romeo saying "What's your problem?" and "Hi". Call for pricing and availibility.

Re-homing Success

Here at the Paterson Bird Store we pride ourselves on our ability to give birds a second chance at life. We understand that a bird is a life long commitment and sometimes life does not always go as we plan. We have had countless amounts of success in finding new forever flocks for birds searching for a second chance. Here are a few of the success stories we have had in finding these amazing animals their new homes.



Blue, an 8-year-old Catalina Macaw who is full of personality and he has found his new forever home! Blue loves to dance and make you laugh with his charming personality. When Blue is not busy saying hello to everyone he sees, you can find him keeping himself occupied by playing with his toys. Catalina Macaws, which are a mix between a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw, is known to be clowns by nature, but also can be a bit stubborn. Blue is now happy in his forever home surrounded with plentiful amounts of love and affection.



Meet Monkey, a 1-year-old Sun Conure who is full of personality and looking for his or her forever home! Monkey loves to play peekaboo and will even dance if you sing “Go Monkey, Go Monkey”. When Monkey is not busy dancing, he or she enjoys playing in the water whether it’s in a sink or on a shower perch. Like most conures, Monkey does need a lot of daily love and attention. It is also important to remember conures (especially larger conures such as sun conures) can be loud at times, therefore, are not always suitable for apartments. Luckily Monkey found his new forever flock with an amazing new family who is able to give him all the love and attention he requires.




Here's Rocky!! This handsome 6 year old Goffins Cockatoo was brought to us in order to find his new forever flock. His previous owners (who loved him dearly) could not continue to keep him as he started to develop an aggression towards women. Rocky has since found a loving home where he can be showered in the love and attention he needs.

Gorgeous 10 year old yellow nape looking



Lucky was brought in due to unforeseen circumstances which caused his previous owners to be unable to care for him. This handsome guy is now in his new forever home speaking in both English and Spanish. We are happy to find Lucky such an amazing home where he can live the rest of his days.

Come in and meet Ruby, a beautiful 2 and



Ruby is a beautiful female Solomon Island Eclectus. She was brought into the store due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances which occurred with her previous owner. They brought her to us with a heavy heart to find her a new forever home. Ruby is extremely sweet and loves attention from everyone. Luckily Ruby has since found her new flock and has settled in quite nicely. She is getting all the love and attention which her previous owners new she deserved.

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Store Mascot

Baby is a talkative girl with lots of personality. This Double Yellow-Headed Amazon was brought to us after her family made the conscious decision that they could no longer care for her. Baby was extremely loved and cared for, but due housing issues it became impossible for her to remain with her previous owners. She quickly became a huge hit among the PBS staff constantly making everyone laugh with her huge vocabulary. Baby has since remained with us becoming our official store mascot.




Mingo is a Scarlet Macaw who was brought into Paterson Bird Store looking to find her new forever flock. Mingo has a fiery personality to say the least, but quickly created an extremely strong bond with one of our amazing employees Julia. This dynamic duo share such a strong bond that you would never have assumed Mingo belonged to anyone else. This pair was truly a match made in heaven.




Chanel is one of those birds that chooses you. Having had three homes before us, it’s hard to believe Chanel would be able to so seamlessly fit into our family. For the past nine years we have had the pleasure of dancing, singing, and the occasional screaming along with this playful cockatoo. We met Chanel at the Paterson Bird Store and it was love after first “HELLOOOO”. Thank you PBS!




Khaleesi is a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon who came to us as a boarder. Unfortunately, we came to find out that her previous owners would never return to get her. Luckily, one of our amazing staff members was able to adopt her. Now she enjoys sitting on the couch watching TV and talking up a storm.

Another pic of Duchess. JUST SOLD.jpg



Dutchess is a female Eclectus with a lot of personality. This sweet girl was surrendered to us due to unexpected changes in her owners life. Her owner, with tears in her eyes, brought Dutchess to us because she felt as though she couldn't give her the proper care and attention which she knew that Dutchess deserved. Since then Dutchess has found her new forever flock. This beautiful girl is now as happy as can be and is getting all the love and attention which her previous owners knew she needed.